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Servicepack 2 available for NagiosQL 3.2.0

megaphoneWe proudly announce the immediate availability of the second Service Pack for NagiosQL 3.2.0. This hotfix release closes any known bugs since the release of NagiosQL 3.2.0. We highly recommend to update anyone with those new files. This is not a full release, but all the changed files packed in one zip file - so for everyone new to NagiosQL - please install NagiosQL 3.2.0 first and afterwards apply the changes from the Service Pack.

NagiosQL 3.2.0 released

iStock 000015278669XSmallAs announced, we proudly present you our latest Release NagiosQL 3.2.0. We are also happy to provide you the latest version supporting English, German, Danish, Portuguese and also French translations. Any other, not finished translation will be coming with one of the next releases. Just check our transiflex page for the latest translation status. NagiosQL is not just a bugfix release, but also contains many new features. Upgrading to the latest version is always recommended. Check our updated requirements, documentation and download links. If you have any problems with the new version, please ask for help in our forum.

If you like NagiosQL 3.2.0, please consider a donation to the project.

Upcoming NagiosQL 3.2.0


If you have recently read our forum, you may have noticed that we have canceled NagiosQL 3.1.2 development, because Martin just finished the development of NagiosQL 3.2.0. Starting with the development of 3.2 I was also leaving the active development of NagiosQL due to lack of time, but I will still be active in the project with other tasks in the project organization. So Martin deserves the full credits of NagiosQL 3.2.0 - Thank you! I don't want to bore you too much with internal details, so let's get back to the upcoming release as we have some long waited features to present. Most important, the release date is fix and it will be March, 12th 2012. Martin is just doing some code cleanup and waiting for the translators to get their work done. Incomplete translations won't be included in NagiosQL 3.2.0. For the time being it will be only English, German, Danish and Portuguese. Please check our Translation website if you might be able to help us finishing other languages until 8th, March 2012.

NagiosQL 3.2.0 contains many bugfixes but also some new features:

  • Beginning with NagiosQL 3.2 we are using enabled or disabled objects without setting the nagios register parameter to avoid conflicts.
  • The HTML issues should be fixed too, as it was time to rework the HTML code and some CSS (e.g. to fix the scroll bars in IE).
  • We also added user settings besides global settings. It will be possible to set the language or the default domain individually for each user.
  • The installation wizard has gone another round again and was also reworked by Martin.
  • For anyone still having problems with NagiosQL there will be an integrated support page with more detailed system and requirement checks.
  • Fitting a hole, the upcoming release also supports Servicegroups for dependencies and escalations.
  • Domains are now separated between data and configuration sets.
  • Configuration names are now stored as a comment variable inside each configuration file.
  • Fixed the service selection for service dependencies and escalations
  • Fixed the permission management (e.g. menu access & read permissions for each object)

Hope you will like it. Prepare your servers and if you can, help us finishing the translations as already mentioned above.

Translation Feed


Name Amount (€)
Brian Coverstone 10.00
Dennis Christiani 40.00
Scott Barr 21.00


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